Public Transportation

Useful Tickets and Passes

Nationwide Rail Pass: “Japan Rail Pass”

* If you plan to travel a long distance in Japan. you can save money by using Japan Rail Pass. This pass can be purchased outside Japan. 


Unlimited travel on almost all JR trains nationwide, including bullet trains, limited express trains, local trains, some JR buses and the JR ferry to Miyajima.


7, 14 or 21 consecutive days


Not available to residents of Japan.


7 days     29,110 yen

14 days     46,390 yen 

21 days     59,350 yen 

*JR passes can be purchased at "Midori-no-Madoguchi" ticket reservation counters at JR stations.

Public Transport to Mt. Fuji Region

By expressway bus

Shinjuku Bus Terminal - Mt. Fuji Region
(Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Yamanakako) 
There are expressway-bus services to the Mt. Fuji region from Shinjuku Bus Terminal at JR Shinjuku Station South Exit and JR Tokyo Bus Terminal at JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit.)

Getting to Yamanakako
2,050 yen from Shinjuku to Yamanakako Asahigaoka Terminal (Lake Yamanakako),
Line Name: Fuji-Goko Line
Bus No. 1101 Lv. Shinjuku 7:15 - Arr. Yamanakako Asahigaoka 9:29
Bus No. 1121 Lv. Shinjuku 7:45 - Arr. Yamanakako Asahigaoka 9:59
* Reservation necessary. The busses are often fully booked on the day of departure.
*Click here for bus reservation

*Click here for more info. on Shinjuku Bus Terminal.

Shinjuku Bus Terminal (Busta) at the South exit of JRShinjuku Station.
At JR Shinjuku Station, follow the sign "Shin-minami Exit, " or "Shinjuku Bus Terminal (Busta)."

Tokyo Station (Yaesu Exit). - Mt. Fuji Region(Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Yamanakako area)

2,100 yen from Tokyo to Yamanakako Asahigaoka Terminal.
*Click for expressway bus schedule at JR Tokyo Sta.

By train and bus Tokyo-(train)-Fujisan Station - (local bus) - Bungaku-no-mori Park
Weekday schedule
Lv. JR Tokyo (Track2) 6:33- Chuo-Line - Arr. Takao (transfer point)7:31
Lv. Takao (Track2) 7:47 - Arr. Fujisan 9:23 (JR-Fujikyu through service) 2,510 yen
Lv.Fujisan (Bus stop 3 for Gotenba) 9:38 - Arr. Bungaku-no-mori Park 10:07 640yen

Weekend schedule
Lv. JR Tokyo (Track2) 6:11- Chuo-Line- Arr.Takao (transfer point) 7:31
Lv. Takao (Track2) 7:47 - Arr. Fujisan 9:23
Lv. Fujisan (Bus stop 3 for Gotenba) 9:38 - Arr. Bungaku-no-mori Park 10:07

In and Around Tokyo

For moving around Tokyo, the following passes are convenient; you don't have to go to the ticket vending machine each time you take a train or bus. And it will be useful if you use them effectively in the desigrtnated period of time.

Tokyo Free Kippu (Pass)  
One-day pass for subway, bus and JR train services in Tokyo. 1,590 yen: adult.  800 yen: child of 6-12 years old                         
Tokunai Free Kippu (Pass)
One-day pass which allows you to travel by JR in the city proper (23 wards of Tokyo )   
750 yen: adult, 370 yen: child (6-12)

Toei Chikatetsu, Tokyo Metyro Ichinichi-ken 
(Subway One-day Pass)
one-day pass which offers you to travel by subway in Tokyo.  (valid for both Toei and Eidan subway lines) 
1,000 yen: adult.  500 yen: child.  
* Subway passes can be purchased at ticket vending machines at subway stations.

JR東日本 「休日おでかけパス」
JR East,  “Odekake Pass” for Tokyo and its vicinity  


発売期間sales period: year-round

有効期間 validity:  one day,

Can be used on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays. and

April 29~May5, July 20~August 31, December 29~January 3.


\2,670 for adults, \1,330 for children aged 12 or younger.

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