Public Transportation

Useful Tickets and Passes

In and Around Tokyo

For moving around Tokyo, the following passes are convenient; you don't have to go to the ticket vending machine each time you take a train or bus. And it will be useful if you use them effectively in the desigrtnated period of time.

Tokyo Free Kippu (Pass)  
One-day pass for subway, bus and JR train services in Tokyo. 1,590 yen: adult.  800 yen: child of 6-12 years old                         
Tokunai Free Kippu (Pass)
One-day pass which allows you to travel by JR in the city proper (23 wards of Tokyo )   
750 yen: adult, 370 yen: child (6-12)

Toei Chikatetsu, Tokyo Metyro Ichinichi-ken 
(Subway One-day Pass)
one-day pass which offers you to travel by subway in Tokyo.  (valid for both Toei and Eidan subway lines) 
1,000 yen: adult.  500 yen: child.  
*JR passes can be purchased at "Midori-no-Madoguchi" ticket reservation counters at JR stations.
* Subway passes can be purchased at ticket vending machines at subway stations.
* If you plan to travel a long distance in Japan. you can save money by using Japan Rail Pass. Please note that this pass can be purchased only outside Japan. 

Mt. Fuji and its vicinity  
There are frequent bus services to the Mt. Fuji region. To go to Kawaguchiko station at the foot of the mountain, take a JR bus (from Tokyo station), or a Keio/ Fujikyu bus (from Shinjuku station); The fare is the same (1,750 yen one way) but the former takes more time.
Bus fare from Shinjuku to Yamanakako (Hotel Mt. Fuji): 2,050 yen
Tokyo -Yamanakako (Hotel Mt. Fuji) or Kawaguchiko: 1,750 yen

Direct Bus service to Mt. Fuji.
There are buses directly going to the fifth station of Mt. Fuji
(2,700 yen one way from Shinjuku; 1,350 yen, child) on weekends from May through October,

(daily bus service only in the summer climbing season)

Kawaguchiko Yamanakako Select Free Kippu (Pass) June 30, 2013~Sept. 30,2015: includes a discount round trip ticket from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko or Fujisan Station (JR and Fujikyu trains), and a day-pass for either Retro Bus in the Kawaguchiko area or Fujikko-go Bus in the Fuji-yoshida - Oshino - Yamanakako area. ( 4,630 yen, adult: 2,310 yen, child.)
This pass is available from one month to one day before the start of the tour at JR stations in the metropolitan district.

more about transportation to Mt. Fuji Region.

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