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UNESCO World Heritage Site
Fuji Five Lakes

2-hour Village Walk
guided by a certified guide-interpreter.
May 25, 26

Wednesday and Thursday


Sprint time!

Join us and enjoy a leisurely walk in the village of Yamanakako. You will surely find something new.
Weather permitting, majestic Mt. Fuji will show herself in front of you.
But Mt. Fuji is not the only attraction in this area.
Every plant is now awake and active.
This walking program is a plant watching walk.
If you have time, stop at our small garden with wild plants at the end of the walk.

**Please note that this program is not covered by travel insurance. We provide guiding only.

Wild flowers with lava rocks in our yard

1.Schedule (2016)

May 25, 26.

2.Meeting Time & Place

This walking program meets at:  Bus Stop "Yamanakako Bus Terminal
(Asahigaoka Terminal)"

Time: 13: 00 p m.

3. Walk

Bus terminal-Yamanakako Village

4.@What to Bring and What to Wear

comfortable walking shoes
rain gear
(It rains quite often.)
* The lake area is about 1,000m above sea level, and the average temperature is about 5 degrees lower than in the Tokyo District.


1,000 yen per person

6. Conditions

*The walking route may be changed depending on the weather.

*This program is not covered by a travel insurance policy. We provide is guiding only.


7. Reservations

Please e-mail us by 10 a.m. on the day of the program.
For reservation, click here.

Upon receipt of your application, we will confirm your booking by email

Please include the following information: 1. your name, 2. the number of participants, 3. the tour date, 4. your contact information (e-mail address or phone number).

*Please let us know by the time the program starts in case you cancel your reservation.

8.  Notes

*Getting there
By expressway bus: Shinjuku Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku) to Yamanakako Bus Terminal, (Asahigaoka)
Lv. Busta at 7:15 -Arr. at Yamanakako Terminal 9:34 /Lv. 7:45 -Arr. 10:04/
Lv.8:15 - Arr.10:34 /Lv.9:15 - Arr.11:34 / Lv.10:15 - Arr.12:34
Expected traveling time: 2 hours
24 min.

By train
Tokyo(or Shinjuku) -JR Chuo Line- Otsuki
Otsuki- Fujikyuko Line -Fujisan
Take a local bus from Fujisan station to Yamanakako Bus Terminal (Asahigaoka Terminal)

For first-time visitors, we recommend that you take one of the expressway buses.

Buses leave Yamanakako Terminal for Shinjuku at 16:25, 17:35, 18:25, 19:40.
This line is very popular. You should make a resevation before you leave Tokyo.

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