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Mt. Tsukuba

A Pleasant Trail Walk with Spectacular Views

Tsukubasan shrine located at 270 m above sea level on the slope of Mt. Tsukuba is an old Shinto shrine, the orgin of which dates back to prehistoric times. There are two main routes leading to the top of the mountain (877m). One of the routes starts near the cablecar station (to the left of the shrine building).. This is steep but much shorter than the other one. In about one and a half hours, you will get to the col between the two peaks.. The route that goes to the right of the shrine is not so steep but longer and leads to Nyotaisan. Suspension cablecars connect Tsutsujigaoka and Nyotaisan.

The peak in front is Nantaisan (Male peak) and the one behind it is Nyotaisan (Female peak).

Nature walk at Tsukubasan (Mt. Tsukuba)

When to hike Nearly all year round. Especially in April and May when many flowers bloom and young leaves come out, Autumn colors in November and December are gorgeous.

Getting there Akihabara - (Tsukuba Express train)- Tsukuba, 45 min.- 1 hour \1,150, Trains are operated at intervals of 10 - 20 minutes. Tsukuba - (shuttle bus) - Tsukubasan shrine 40 min. \700 (Shuttle Bus leaves every 30 minutes till 15:30, stopping at Tsukubasan and Tsutsujigaoka (from April through November).

Another option: Highway Bus service from JR Tokyo station( Yaesu South Exit) to Tsukubasan \1,730 one way- (local bus service) - Tsukubasan shrine\220 one way

Cablecar: Tsukubasan shrine - Summit station \570 (one way), Tsutsujigaoka - Nyotaisan station \600 (one way)
Hiking Routes

Free Pass:  Tsukubasan Kippu \4,300 (from Akihabara) covering train, bus and cable car rides. Available at stations on Tsukuba Express Line.  Valid only on the day of purchase.

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