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Hiking in Nikko

A Pleasant Trail Walk with Spectacular Views

A trail walk on the shore of Lake Chuzenji. You will enjoy mountain scenery and fresh air.

left: a species of maple (Acer japonicum )
middle: Corn Lily (Veratrum stamineum )
right: a deciduous oak (Quercus crispula )

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Nikko is located about 120 miles northwest of Tokyo, and is one of the most famed tourist centers in Japan with a number of historical buildings within the area designated as a World Cultural Heritage site. You can make a day trip there from the metropolitan area. Bus tours are operated by travel agencies and take you to some of the popular spots in the city. Most of the tours include Toshogu shrine, Futarasan shrine, and Kegon and Ryuzu water falls. For more information about Nikko,
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Getting there from Tokyo: There are trains connecting Asakusa and Nikko in 2 - 2.5 hours. Go to Tobu Asakusa station and take a train to Nikko. Then take a bus bound for Yumoto Onsen. Leave the bus at Ryuzu-no-taki falls.
A discount pass (All Nikko Free Pass) is available for unlimited train and bus rides within the designated area (\4,400). This is worth trying. click here
With Japan Rail Pass Go from Tokyo to Utsunomiya by Shinkansen and from Utsunomiya to JR Nikko by local train.

around Lake Chuzenji (April - November)
At Ryuzunotaki falls the river Yugawa is winding and running down over the rocks. Take the road leading to lake Chuzenji and you will reach the lakeshore in about 20 minutes. Early November may be the best time to see tinged leaves around the lake. You will walk another 1h. 20 minutes along the lakeshore before getting to Senjugahama. Take a shuttle bus to Akanuma at the bus stop "Senjugahama" or walk to Lake Sainoko and catch a bus at Sainoko-iriguchi. Or you can walk to Akanuma, which is another option for those who want to walk a long distance. From Akanuma back to Nikko, it takes 1h. 30 min. by Tobu bus.

Bus and train fares and time required

Tobu Asakusa - (train) 2h. 10min.- Tobu Nikko -(Tobu bus) 1h. 20min. - Ryuzu-no-taki -(walk) 1 h. 50min. - Senjugahama - (walk) 10 min. - Bus stop "Senjugahama"- (Shuttle bus) 20 min. - Bus stop "Akanuma" - (Tobu bus) 1h. 30 min. - Nikko -(train) 2 h. 30 min.- Tobu Asakusa

* No car is allowed on the road between Akanuma and Senjugahama except for low- emission shuttle buses that are operated every hour; \300 each ride

*All Nikko Free Pass: \4,400 (train fare and bus fare between Nikko and Ryuzu-no-taki or Akanuma are included). If you buy separate tickets, Asakusa - Tobu-Nikko (train): \ 1,320 one way, Tobu-Nikko - Ryuzu-no-taki (bus): \1,350, Akanuma - Tobu-Nikko (bus): \1,650 (total: \5,640)

<Train schedule> Asakusa - Nikko (Weekdays) Lv. 6: 20, 7: 10 Nikko- Asakusa (Weekdays): 13:59, 15:01, 15:59, 15:58, 18:10, 18:55, 19:52
*There are also express trains connecting Asakusa with Nikko. (express ticket with seat reservation: \1,320)

<Bus schedule> Morning buses from Tobu-Nikko Station for Yumoto: 6: 13, 6: 59, 7: 41, 8: 37, 9: 26, 9: 40, 10: 06, 10: 30, 11: 06, 11: 30. Afternoon buses (Yumoto-onsen through Akanuma to Nikko station),
Lv. Yumoto: 12: 00, 12: 35, 13: 10, 13: 30, 14: 05, 14: 40, 15: 15,. 16: 11, 16: 50, 17: 16, 18: 27, 19: 30 (March 18 - November 23, 2006)

<Shttle bus weekday schedule till November 30>Lv. Senjugahama: 8: 40, 9: 45, 10: 50, 11: 55, 13: 40, 14:45,15: 50 (30 min. to Akanuma)

For further information about trails in Nikko, please contact us.

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