It is fun strolling around Tokyo and looking for trendy boutiques, three-star restaurants,and fine cultural heritages of the past well worth visiting. But some of you may want to deviate from these trourist routes, and experience something different.

Let me remind you that nearly 70 % of the area of this country is covered with forest of varied plant communities, and there are lots of woodlands and park areas waiting for you.

However, maybe because of lack of information about such areas, how to get to there and where to hike around, you would think that you have no other choice but to give up your plan and stay within so-called tourist places. We do not recommend thay you climb high mountains on your own, but you will be able to enjoy foothills and back country without someone's help if you have enough information on the area you are headed for.

This website is primarily a walking guide as well as a natural history guide for those who would like to enjoy and understand the diverse nature of this country. To begin with, I would like to choose places you probably know and introduce you some different perspectives to see them.

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